Swedish Fish

Short post! Because it’s my blog and I do what I want!

So I was out with my family last Sunday because we started this thing where e spend time together and such. It probably wont last very long. Anywho, we had dinner at Applebees, then went to play some golf, and later on a search and rescue mission for my dad’s credit card. Our waiter from Applebees, John, stole it. He thought he’d be sneaky and “forget to give it back.” You ain’t foolin’ me, John! I know what you’re about. I’m watching you!

Back to the story. Yes, this does have to do with Swedish Fish. I’m getting there, calm down. 

So we were talking about something, who knows what, and my brother, I think, mentioned Swedish Fish. So we then discussed our opinions on Swedish Fish. Then we wondered, “Why are they called Swedish Fish?” Are they from Sweden? do they even have them in Sweden? Probably not because they don’t even have tater tots in Sweden. So I texted chacha, the most reliable source. i asked, “Why are they called Swedish fish?” and got the response, “Swedish Fish are owned by a Swedish company, made and packaged in Canada, and sold in the US.” So, The Swedes own the candy, the Canadians make and package it, and the Americans eat it. I find it humorous, as did my family, that the Swedes and Canadians do all of the work to produce this tasty treat, and its not even sold in their stores?

Is this accurate? do any Canadians or Swedes read my posts?

Well, happy blogging!



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