It’s Following Me!

So today I went shopping with my mom. We went to one of those discount stores because, come on, who doesn’t like getting discounts? We stopped in the book section and as I was looking at the coloring books, I saw this gem:

Does this really belong in the coloring section? No. It doesn’t.

I snapped this picture and moved on. Sadly, I found no coloring books that interested me, or that I didn’t already have. And for anyone wondering why I was looking for coloring books, it’s because coloring is a fun and easy creative outlet, and good for stress relief, try it.

After that I helped my mom look for a book on JFK because she thought it would be a good gift for our relatives in Ireland. Those guys worship JFK.

After she found JFK, I turned around and looked at the puzzle books because I remember my dad was saying he needed a new Sudoku book. This is what I found:

Now, this one I can understand, It is a puzzle book after all, I just thought it was funny that this was the first thing I saw. Unfortunately, the only Sudoku books were beginner level and my dad solves those in about ten seconds.

So I moved on, looking at the biography type books. I came across a shelf that was entire filled with Elvis books. This is understandable, lots of people like Elvis. However, There was one stack of books on the shelf that weren’t about Elvis. I almost missed it. They managed to squeeze some Michael Jackson books on the shelf. Glad they could fit him in. I have to say, I’m a much bigger fan of Michael Jackson than Elvis.

Then, as I was leaving the book section, I found the travel section. Anyone that knows me can tell you that I love travel. I love getting books on Scandinavia, vikings and that sort of thing. So I quickly skimmed the travel shelf. What do I find? You guessed it!

Oh! Good! The Ultra-slim Bible! so I can fit it in my carry on bag with my chips and soda! So how did it get so slim? Did they edit out the unimportant parts? I don’t think they can make the print any smaller or the pages any thinner.

Is someone trying to hint something to me? I’m sorry, no matter how many times you put the Bible in my way, I’ll just respectfully scoot it over. I have nothing against Christianity, or its followers, it’s just not for me. However, it is very irritating when people just assume I’m christian and I want gods blessing for every step I take. Keep it to yourself please, religion should be personal.

Anywho, I though I’d share my story with anyone who is willing to read. Have a nice day! :)

Oh! I almost forgot to add, as I was leaving the book section, I noticed an entire shelf just for Bibles. So, did people change their minds and decide not to buy Bibles? Or were they just trying to recruit me?

Carry on.




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