Appreciate the Little Things

That’s what everyone says. And it’s completely true. When you think about your childhood, you think about playing outside with friends, or spending time with your favorite uncle; the things you didn’t appreciate back then, but maybe wish you could do now. The big things, like going to Disney World, were appreciate back then, so they aren’t so prominent now.

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While the small things should be appreciated, they are also the things that can really bother you. Here is a list of the small things that bother me, enjoy:

  • When you ask someone for the time, and you know they have a watch, or phone, or other time telling device, and they give you some smart ass answer like “Time for you to get a watch” or “A freckle passed a hair.” Really? Just tell me the time.
  • The Mac/PC fight. I don’t know how many people have noticed, but a lot of Mac users hate PCs and think they are the biggest pieces of crap. PC users however, seem to be split, some don’t want anything to do with Macs because of the different set up and such, and others want a Mac more than anything because they think it will be better, or faster, or whatever. I have used both. PCs seem to better for internet browsing and game playing (games like the Sims). Macs work better for programs, like music mixing and other things like that. Also, my Mac doesn’t load YouTube videos very quickly, and has a hard time picking up on my wireless network. My PC loads the videos rather quickly, and has no problem finding my network. Not saying that I like PCs better, just that they are useful for different purposes.
  • When TV shows become too complex. The examples I can think of right now are Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer. Both of these shows started out with a small underlying theme that tied the episodes together, but weren’t a major need-to-know part of the show. When Supernatural started, the main idea was catching a stopping a demon or other evil force, with the underlying theme of finding their father. A few seasons in, Sam unlocked the portal to Hell and then the entire theme became stopping the apocalypse. At that point it was like if you missed an episode, you were completely lost. It was the same with Ghost Whisperer. First they killed her husband and made him come back in someone else’s body but it looked like him until you saw his reflection. Then he had a kid, from her husband pre-death. The kid brought a whole new theme of shadows and shinnies that was too much to keep up with.
  • That awkward moment when it’s not that awkward. This phrase started out explaining moments that were actually awkward, like “That awkward moment when its quiet in class so your stomach decides to sound like a dying whale.” Okay, so maybe that’s not the best example, but at least that can be awkward. Now we see ones like, “That awkward moment when your friend texts you “brb” and is gone for five hours.” First of all, that’s not awkward because they didn’t leave you in person, you were only texting. Second, if its that much of a problem, text them back.
  • YOLO. People use this as an excuse to do stupid things. Like, “Hey, I think I’ll drink and drive cause, I mean, YOLO.” Yes, you blubbering idiot, you do only live once, so don’t screw it up! You’re basically saying, “Im going to risk my life (and everyone else’s in this case) because I only live once. You’re an idiot.

Okay, this is way longer than I thought so: To be continued.



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