Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

Last week, with the theme, “close,” I thought, “Oh! That’s easy, I’ll just take a close-up picture.” So I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture of my cat. This week, however, I got the email saying that the theme was “Create” and I had to think. I looked at some of the other posts that people had done. Most were things that people had made, or pictures of others “creating” something.

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I got an idea to make a dream catcher and post a picture of it. I have been wanting to for a while now, and this was the perfect reason. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find feathers anywhere in my house. So, if I can get to a store and buy some feathers, I will post it. For now, I give you this:


Watercolor paints. I took this last week before the theme was announced. This photo says “create” to me because it is mostly children who use watercolor paints. Not that only children do, I did a few weeks ago. But using watercolors is something that most children do and it inspires them to be creative. What is childhood without creativity? In my opinion, children need to be able to create or their minds won’t be engaged. I think painting, coloring, drawing, building things with blocks, or any other creative activity makes children smarter. If anything it’s better than watching Spongebob all day.

I will try to get my hands on some feathers and make that dream catcher!



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