College Orientation

As you may know, from my previous post, Graduation, I recently graduated. The past few days I have been at my college orientation, but only the first part of it. I will go to the second half after I move into my dorm in August. There will most likely be a post about that when the time comes. Here are some pictures:

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Some unattractive construction workers outside of my dorm for the night.


Playing some games after lunch… or dinner, I don’t really remember…


My new group of friends failing at billiards


Some words of encouragement.


Helpful reminder before we crossed the street!

So overall, it was a good experience and everyone was super nice. I’m more excited for college now that I have made new friends and got my schedule made. Now I just have to enjoy the rest of my summer!


ps. I got some feathers, so I will get that project up tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “College Orientation

  1. I just recently went to my freshman college orientation too. I wrote about it. Would you mind checking out my blog?

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