Weekly Photo Challenge: Create [2]

I know this is my second post in this topic and if that’s against the rules then, sorry.

Here’s my dream catcher!

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The Dream Catch was made and used my Native American Indians and have since been incorporated into Popular culture. The ring would be made of wood, either by carving or tying twigs together in a circular form. Then string, feathers and other decorations would be added.

The Dream Catcher would be used a protection from nightmares. It would be hung over the bed of a sleeping child.

I was always taught that good dreams would be allowed to flow through the holes in the webbing, but bad dreams would get caught up in the strings and destroyed by the morning sun. I have also heard that the bad dreams flow through the holes and out the window, and the good dreams get caught and slide down the feathers back to the dreamer. Either way, it gets rid of the bad dreams. No one wants to keep bad dreams.

Making this was fun. I will post directions in a DIY sort of thing sometime next week!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create [2]

  1. very cool looking! Did you use an embroidery hoop for the ring shape?

  2. I used a metal ring that I’ve had for ages. I tightly wrapped it in embroidery floss though. I will post the directions on how I did this one soon if you are interested.

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