African American

We all know that this term refers to the black community in the United States. Or maybe you didn’t. Now you know. Anyway, I HATE this term.

Unless you yourself were born or grew up in Africa, then moved to America, you are not an African American.

We need to realize that not all black people have roots in Africa. I know a few black people that are completely Haitian and they don’t like when people assume they are from Africa.

We also need to understand that white people can come from Africa.

If you were born in America, grew up in America, and currently reside in America, then you are American.

You don’t see me telling people that I’m Irish American. Why? Because I was not born, nor did I grow up in Ireland. I have lived in America for my entire life. I am American.

Just because your ancestors lived in a different country doesn’t mean you have any affiliation with that country.

Just because you are black, and your great great great grand father was brought to America from Africa in the slave trade, does not make you African American. Chances are, you’ve never even been to Africa. If you have, that’s fantastic! It still doesn’t make you African American.

I have a friend who is mixed race. His mother is from Liberia, his father is, I believe, from America. He was born in America and has always, as far as I know, lived in America. His mother is African American. He is not.

Michelle Obama was born in Illinois, she grew up in Illinois. She is NOT African American.

In summary, an African American is someone who grew up in Africa and later moved to America. Just because someone is black doesn’t make them African American.


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