A is for Abroad

This world we live in is so huge and most people can’t even begin to understand its diversity. A lot of people think that hunting and gathering activities only happen in Africa. They don’t get that the same things happen in south-east Asia and nearby island regions. They don’t understand that there are more developed areas of Africa. There is more in India than people answering our phone calls. There’s more in Canada than Maple Syrup. There is more in this world than the stereotypes you hear every day.

For today’s theme I decided to compile a list of countries I want to go to and the things I want to see there.

  • Romania- Even though people say it’s “dangerous” because of the economy, the architecture is beautiful. I would also love to see the castles.
  • Scandinavia- I know it’s not a country. Before you freak out, I want to visit every country in Scandinavia. I have this strange obsession with Vikings, so naturally, Scandinavia.
  • Great Britain- My family is from Ireland and its beautiful there. I’d love to go to Stone Henge, especially for the summer solstice. While I’m there, I might as well visit Wales and Scotland too!
  • Peru- I watched a video on Peru in school and it showed the small village life. I found it fascinating and would love to spend a week in the mountains of Peru.
  • Greece- My geography teacher told a story of a time when she was in Greece. She said all of the houses had their own garden and chickens roamed free in the streets. It sounds so calm and beautiful there and I would love to experience it for myself.
  • Italy- Honestly, who doesn’t want to visit Italy?

If I don’t stop now I will list every single country; I do want to visit every country. I would love to experience that kind of diversity. Whether it be their way of life, their architecture, the stories they’ve passed down for generations, or the landscape, every country has something to offer, something that makes it different than every other country.



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