B is for Basic Human Rights

Today I woke up to a tweet from BBC Breaking saying that in 2013 it will be legal for gay couples to get married and adopt children.  Congratulations America, you’ve let yet another country give its people more rights than you. Not that it’s a competition, but America is supposed to be the land of the free. What the heck happened? Everyone wants to think that America is the greatest country in the world but let’s be honest, lots of countries are far more developed, lots of countries actually treat all of its citizens equally, lots of countries give their people the freedoms they say they will.  What’s America’s problem?

My goal was not to have another rant about gay rights. Last night I was looking for a topic to talk about today and couldn’t think of anything that would give me enough to talk about. When I got that tweet this morning, I had no intention of blogging about it. It wasn’t until I sat down to search for a topic that this popped back into my head. I figured, “Why not? I can talk about that long enough to make a good sized entry.” So here we are.

Does it bother anyone else that some people get more freedoms than others in this supposed land of the free? This isn’t just about gays. It’s about everyone.  Women are still paid less than men for the same job. Racism still exists. People of non-Judeo-Christian religions are discriminated against every day.  People of any minority feel like they can’t be open about who they are because there is a minority they have to please.  I hear stories all the time of people from minority religions who are afraid to come out at work or school, or even wear religious jewelry, because they might be fired or get in trouble.

Why are we okay with people living in fear because of who they are or what they believe? Just because they are part of a minority group doesn’t mean they are any less human than the majority.

If America is going to claim to be a free country, then everyone needs to be free. It’s just not fair.


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