Weekly Photo Challenge: A Fleeting Moment (in the street)

Ok, I don’t live anywhere near a street where people do anything other than drive. Because I don’t drive, it would take me about two hours to walk into town and with the heat we’ve had recently, that’s completely out of the question. Also, I have been sick for over a week now so walking two hours in the heat is not going to happen.  
We’ve had some pretty nasty (totally awesome) storms here lately so I decided to capture a few bolts of lightning. that’s a fleeting moment right? Here’s one of the clearer pictures.


It was pretty hard to have the camera pointed at the exact spot at the exact time the lightning struck since it seemed to be coming from every direction. Luckily the bolts came pretty quickly so the chances of getting a shot were increased.

Well, since I live in the middle on no where, my Fleeting moment is a bolt of lightning. Cool? Don’t think so? get over it.


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