E is for End of the World

So, I don’t have much time left to post this. I was busy being lazy today and couldn’t find much time to make a post.

It’s finally 2012! I’ve been looking forward to this year since, oh about, 2000. If you didn’t get that, since I started kindergarten. If you still don’t understand, it’s my graduation year. I already graduated BAM! Here. So, we’re going to move on.

Oh no! I just remembered! 2012 is when the world ends! What are we going to do?

Oh, wait. The Mayans predicted that. 1500 years ago. Back before we had plenty of technology to protect ourselves from meteors and solar flares. Obviously we can’t completely protect ourselves from those things, but we can do so much better than the Mayans could.

Also, leap years did not exist back then. You may have heard this argument a while ago. The Mayans, when they made this “prediction” about the end of the end of the world, did not account for these extra days that we have every four years. So, in actuality, the world should have ended a long time ago.

And another thing! I’m sure we’ve all considered the fact that the Mayans had drawn out a calendar over 1000 years into the future. That should be good enough for them, their children, their grandchildren, and many generations to follow. That is of course, if they weren’t all sacrificed.

This brings me to my next point. In today’s society, we see anyone who holds sacrificial rituals as completely barbaric and disregard their opinions as “devil speak” or whatever. So how can so many people take the Mayans prediction so seriously? I mean, they did make frequent sacrifices to their gods. Which were completely different from the Christian god by the way.

So, I will continue to laugh at anyone who seriously believes that the world will end in December. But as I said before, I’m always up for a good debate.



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