F is for Family

So, we decided to postpone Fourth of July celebration until the weekend since it fell on a Wednesday. So today we have some family over. None of them have any teeth in their mouth and its hard to understand them. They also decided to bring their dog, which is little. We have two very big dogs. I don’t know what made them think this would be okay. So their dog has been sitting in a cat carrier all day and I want to let it out so incredibly badly but I’m not sure how my dogs are going to react. Problems!

So these family members have been here for about 6 hours and they’ve done nothing but talk about work and the person they live with, who I want to smack in the face and shove needles under her finger nails. anyway, how can old people sit around for so long talking about the same thing. I can’t sit still for more than five minutes… much less five hours.

Anyway, I love family and I was raised to be very family oriented. However, some family members aren’t my favorite to spend and entire day with. Come on, you have that one aunt, or cousin, or whatever that you just don’t want to be around. Not to mention, when you put a movie or whatever on, and they just won’t shut up. They feel the need to comment on everything that happens.

Just now, My aunt asked me what I’m doing. Why does everyone have to be so nosy? My excuse is always Facebook. I’m talking to a friend on Facebook. Of course then I get interrogated on what friend and where they live and what they like and how we met. Gosh! Just leave me alone!

Okay, I’m going to leave before I get asked what I’m typing about. That could be awkward.



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