H is for Hate

The way I see it, hate is completely unnecessary. What does hating a fashion trend get you? What does hating a band get you? What does hating a person get you?

I’m not saying that you have to be friends with everyone or like every band. I’m just saying that its a waste of time, energy, and emotion to hate something. Having dislike of something is different from hating it. Most people, when they say they hate someone or something, they mean they dislike it. I always say how much I hate the trend where boys think I want to see their underwear. I think it looks trashy and immature. It’s not really hatred, but a strong dislike.

Now that we understand the difference between hate and dislike, we can talk about people who hate.

It really upsets me when I see or hear about parents teaching their children to hate. Especially when the reason for hating someone is a stereotype or an opinion.

There’s no denying the fact that the church (not all of them) has grown to teach its followers to hate other religions. They teach that other religions are actually worshiping the devil. This is false. Judaism has the same back story as Christianity, until Jesus came in. Islam worships the same god as Christians, they just call him by a different name. Hinduism worships a series of gods, none of which are the evil leader of any pit of fire. Paganism also worships many gods, but none of them are the devil, Satan, Lucifer, or any other name that Christianity has for the devil. To tell you the truth, Christianity and Islam are the only religions that even believe in a devil. Something I would like to point out is satanism is a branch of Christianity started by rebellion.

There are also stereotypes that TV and movies have associated with less popular religions like Wicca. Wicca is a branch of Paganism that focuses on celebrating and appreciating the Earth. There is no sacrifice, blood letting, or curses. These things are actually frowned upon. I’ve found that you can’t listen to another religions explanation of a belief system. TV rarely has the right information either. If you want to know about a religion, ask someone who follows it, or find a book of it’s teachings.

You can’t simply hate an entire following a religion that you don’t know anything about. Even if you do know what the religion is about, why would you feel the need to hate them because they have different opinions than you. It might make for an interesting conversation.

Lots of people also look down on those living a different lifestyle. We are all going to have to get over the fact that not everyone has the capability, or desire, to live exactly like we do. Some people like being around others, some like being alone. Some people enjoy working out, some people like sitting in front of the TV all day. Some people live in big houses, drive fast cars and eat fast food. Some people live in communal huts, ride horses and camels, and eat the berries they gathered that morning.

Something that many people do not understand is that people in different countries live a completely different life. Getting food in America means going to the Food lion down the street. Getting food in less developed countries means sitting in a tree or behind a bush and waiting for game to walk past. They may be less developed and their way of life may seem strange to you, but thats the way they do it, that’s just how it is. Things important to Americans are money, houses, cars, careers, music, sports, and celebrities. Things important to Mongolians are stories passed down through generations, building huts, traveling the mountains and caring for members of their community. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these differences. And these is no reason to think of someone from a different culture as less of a human than you. You don’t need to think that you are better than them.

What I was hoping to explain in this post is that just because someone chooses to believe something different, or live a different lifestyle, doesn’t mean they deserve your hatred. Let’s think about it this way, The world would be an awfully boring place if everyone was exactly the same. I dream of a world where people not only respect, but value others differences. I just hope I get to see that one day.



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