Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

It seems like these challenges keep getting harder. I considered many ideas and tried many things in attempts to capture movement in a still photograph. I went for a walk with my dogs hoping that I would come up with an idea of find an animal on the move that I could capture. I came across the creek that I had taken pictures of during winter. This waterfall is now covered in greens and who knows what kinds of poisonous plants or creatures are in there now. So instead of climbing down in there and risking having an obnoxious itch for the next three weeks, I decided to take a look at the pictures I took a few months ago. I found this picture and thought it captured the idea pretty well.

If you think about it, water is always moving. Even in a pond, when it appears to be sitting still, evaporation, condensation, and so on, are still occurring. I’m not here to give you a lesson on the water cycle. So, movement is this weeks theme, water is always moving, this is a picture of water, task complete!



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