Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

This weeks theme is dreaming. I was thinking of trying to capture something with some sort of distortion or make something look other-worldly. Then I thought about how not all dreams are complex, or distorted, or “trippy.” Some dreams are simple, and those are the ones that seem to make us wake up feeling happy.

Rainbows have always made me feel calm. Come on, they are so beautiful! And in the Wizard of Oz, at least in the movie, Dorothy went over the rainbow in a dream. In the books I believe she actually did travel to Oz. Anyway, when she traveled over the rainbow, she was in a happier brighter place, other than the witch chasing her.

Anywho, I guess I’m trying to say that rainbows are a rarity that make us happy, just like a pleasant dream. If rainbows don’t make you happy then go see a therapist.



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