M is for Moving.

It hasn’t quite hit me yet, probably because I haven’t started packing or buying things that I’m going to need, but in about 37 days I will be moving out of my parents house. I won’t be moving for good, just for college. But my main residence will be college for the next 8 or so months.

It may not be as big of a deal as really moving out to my own house, but give me a break… I’m only 17.

There have been times these past few months, since I finished high school, that I’ve been super excited about moving into the dorms and living on my own. There’s also been times that I’m not so excited. Not living at home means the only communication with my family will be through technology, other than occasional visits or trips home. It also means that I won’t come home to my pets after school. No privacy in my own room, since I will be sharing a dorm. I’ve met my roommate, she seems cool.

Anyway, moving out is a big step towards independence, especially now-a-days.

Growing up, I always saw my older brother do everything before me. It was somewhat comforting knowing I wasn’t the guinea pig. But after my brother graduated, he took a year off to laze around and bum about. Then he started commuting to a trade school. Obviously, this wasn’t the path I planned to take.

I honestly can’t think of anything that I have done before him.I’m not even nervous or scared. It just feels different not already knowing what to expect. All of the questions about what I can and can’t have in my dorm, what to do about meal plans, what textbooks to buy, I had to figure out myself. In any circumstance before this one, my parents would have done it for my brother. They asked all of the questions when he went to trade school. But they expect more from me. I’m the one going to college. The first in my family.

It’s both strange and exciting being the first in my family to go to college. I have always been the last for everything else. There was none of the comparisons, “Well, when I was in college…” from my parents. My dad went to trade school and my mom took some classes at community college. Not that those options aren’t fine, they just aren’t the same as going to a college, living there, and just experiencing college life.

So, back to moving, I have just over a month before I move in and I haven’t even started preparing. It seems like plenty of time but I hate doing everything last minute. I better get moving.




3 thoughts on “M is for Moving.

  1. Eugine says:

    Good luck!
    I graduate next year and the thought of college already makes me feel excited and nervous! I’ll commute from home, though, so that’s one worry less.

  2. girlnextdoor says:

    I’m in the same position as you-17 years old and going to college this August. Though I have studied in a boarding school, I’m terrified about college.
    Moving away from family and friends is tough but you’ll get used to it. Just make good friends and you’ll be fine! Good luck :D

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