N is for Nincompoop.

N is also for not a very long post.

The other day I was watching some of the old videos on a vlog that I enjoy. It’s called Gays of the week. Before you roll your eyes, hear me out.

So I was watching a video and reading some of the comments. Most of the comments were legitimate comments on the video. Then I come across one marked as spam. I usually enjoy reading those because its usually some idiot with a comment like, “wow fags lol.” First of all, I hate the word faggot, or any form of it simply because people don’t use it properly. And how petty is it to go around calling people names? What? Are you in second grade? UGH

Anyway, I like reading the comments marked as spam because I’m amused by the amount of people that will watch a video of an openly gay person and still make obnoxious comments.

So the other day I was watching one of the videos and saw a comment marked as spam. Just like all the other spam comments, I read it anyway. This moron decided to post a quote from the bible IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It was the one about if a man should lay with another man the way he would lay with a woman blah blah blah…

First, your little quote isn’t going to change anything. Gays aren’t going to see that and be like, “Oh shit! the bible says I shouldn’t! let me go have sex with every woman I see, then god will love me.” No one in the video, and no one else watching the videos give a flying fuck about your bible quote.

Second, gay men don’t lie with men the same way they lie with women, so your quote means absolutely nothing.

Lets face it, because it’s in the bible means nothing to a lot of people. I, and most other people respect that you believe in the bible and take some, if not all of it seriously. All we ask is that you respect that the rest of us don’t have the same beliefs as you.

And on a side note, if heaven is full of the people that tried to push their beliefs on me, than hell it is for me! The people you say are going to hell are more fun anyway..

Okay, so this post wasn’t that short…



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