O is for Oops.

Oops as in I totally forgot to post something today! Or yesterday, technically. Unless you live on the west cost of the US… I’m just going to pretend its still Wednesday since I haven’t gone to bed yet.

Well anyway, I woke up around 11:30 am today and took a nice long shower and took my time getting dressed and eating breaky. Then I went with my parents down to the house of apartments that we are renovating and, eventually, going to rent out to people. Then, on the way home we stopped at McDonald’s (Ew). When I got home, my textbooks for school arrived, well, some of them. I still have to order about four of them. Then, we looked out back, to see how much the rain had filled the pool up. It was filled to the perfect level, thank you rain. However, the wind blew over our 7′ umbrella, broke it into like three pieces, and lifted the glass top off of our table. Now, the umbrella was in one of those stands that’s made of concrete and weighs a ton. Thankfully, the glass in the table wasn’t broken, but we did see that the entire table had moved. That was the only damage we saw in the entire neighborhood. Our neighbors wobbly, unstable play-set didn’t even budge.

We still haven’t quite figured out what happened… We checked weather radar for the time we were gone and it showed absolutely nothing.

Random mysterious gust of wind?

Maybe God is trying to tell us something…

hahahahaha I crack myself up.

Sorry for the short and boring post.

Oh! I forgot to tell anyone who’s still reading about the rest of my day! After we cleaned up the yard, I started talking to a girl on facebook that I saw on my college’s freshmen page. She’s pretty cool!

Then I made some photo collages to hang in my dorm. I’d post a picture of them but they are in a different room and my camera’s batteries died earlier. Too bad.

Oh well, I’ll post again later today!



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