P is for Pets

Well, if you don’t know by now, I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. This post is mostly going to be about my dogs though.

Right now it’s storming. If you have pets, then you know they can sense a storm long before we can. If you can learn to read your pets behavior, then you will know that bad weather is coming, almost as soon as they do. My pets are much calmer in the hours before a storm. By hours, I mean all day. My male, Vader, won’t go outside by himself all day, and not at all just a few hours before the storm. My female, Karma, pastes herself to someone, or tires to hide under the table or in a corner.

It’s storming right now, which is why this is my topic today. I have Karma behind me on my bed, occasionally pawing at me. And I can hear Vader running around downstairs barking every time he sees lightning.

Vader is our guard dog. He protects our property and airspace from any intruders. No birds or planes can fly over our house and no cars can come anywhere near our street.  Yet, he’s terrified of thunderstorms. He barks the whole time so watching TV or having a conversation is completely out of the question. Books are good to have. If you can read with all that noise. The only way to calm him down is to take him in a room with no windows and talk, non-stop, to him for the entire storm. If you stop talking and he hears thunder,all the calming you’ve done is gone.

Anyway, the storm seems to be going away now. Karma has calmed down some and Vader isn’t barking as much.


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