R is for Raffle

Today, after dropping off my great aunt, we went to a fundraiser dinner at a (sort of) local lodge. It was just my parents and me since my brother had to work.

Anyway, all three of us won door prizes. None of us won the 50/50 raffle but that’s okay. My dad got a nice smelling lilac candle for my mom. He knows she likes flowery scents. Then my mom got a beautiful hand knitted blanket. By the time my number got called there wasn’t much left but I spotted a recipe book with a bunch of desserts and breads. I may not like cooking actual food, but I don’t mind making tons of desserts.

The food was delicious! It always is. The people that held the dinner, have them often. W go whenever we can because the food is good and the people are nice. Not to mention, the money goes to a good cause. Sometimes the money just goes to the lodge fund, which is fine because the lodge does things to help the community, other times it goes to a specific thing; last time it was the arthritis foundation.

Back to the food, there was a buffet style set up and you could choose rotisserie chicken or fried. I think they served everyone a half a chicken, no way I could eat all of that. So, we had lots of leftovers to bring home, which is fine because they make to most delicious food I’ve ever eaten.

I guess I should really be talking, or typing, about raffles. What else is there to say? Participate in them! They are fun, and you can win some cool things! Even if you don’t win, your money is probably going somewhere helpful!

You buy those raffle tickets gurl!



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