I’m here to talk about sexual orientations/identities, and the controversies surrounding their legitimacies. I’m going to talk about the most common orientations, and some of the less common ones. I can’t cover all of them because that would take forever, and honestly, I don’t know them all.


The sexual attraction to people of the opposite gender.

No known controversies, probably because it is accepted by the Judeo-Christian religions.


The sexual attraction to people of the same gender.

Homosexuality is not accepted by major world religions and many governments do not recognize it’s legitimacy.


The sexual attraction to both genders.

Bisexuals are often accused of being confused or unable to decide on homo- or heterosexuality.


The self identification of a gender other than that of the persons biological gender, or one who identifies off of the usual gender scale.

  • Transsexual- One who identifies as the gender opposite of the one assigned at birth. Transsexuals may undergo surgery or hormonal adjustments to align their physical gender, with their mental gender.
  • Transvestite or Cross-Dresser- one who identifies as the gender assigned at birth, but dresses as the opposite gender. This does not include actors taking on a role, people dressing as the opposite gender for masquerade purposes, or those involved in transvestic fetishism (cross-dressing for fetishistic purposes).
  • Gender Queer- One who does not fit into the stereotypes of one gender or sexuality. They may or may not identify as more than one gender or orientation.
  • Androgyne- One who identifies as between genders, or does not fit cleanly into socialized gender stereo types. Androgyne identities include: pangender, ambigender, non-gender, agender, gender fluid, and intergender.
  • Drag Kings and Queens- Those who dress as the opposite gender for performance reasons whether it be acting, comedy, or grotesque.

Most controversies surrounding these identities stem from other peoples confusion. People don’t know whether to call them male or female, and usually can’t wrap their head around some changing their gender. You might recall the controversy surrounding the Miss Universe transgender contestant.


Those who are sexually attracted to people of all gender identities. Most self-identifying pansexuals call themselves gender-blind. Pansexuality differs from bisexuality in that bisexuals are only attracted to two genders, male and female. Pansexuals are attracted to people of all identities.

Being a less widely known sexual orientation, there are no known controversies surrounding the orientation.


Intersex individuals are those who do not physically and/or hormonally fit into one gender. Intersex people can be born with both male and female genital and/or reproductive organs.

Controversies in this area come from allowing the parents of the intersex child to chose what gender they want their child to be, then allowing sex-change-surgeries on the child, obviously without the child’s consent.


One who doesn’t feel sexually attracted to any gender identity. They do however, feel romantic attraction to a specific gender. Asexuals can be any of the orientations/identities listed above. Asexuals have no desire to have sex, but will do it for their partners pleasure, or to create a child. Asexuality differs from celibacy in that celibacy is a choice, asexuality is the lack for sexual attraction.

Controversies come from the legitimacy of the idea, and whether it should be considered a sexual orientation or identity. Opposers of asexuality as a real thing, claim that it is a stage of sexual confusion in a teenagers life. Others claim that asexuals just haven’t found the right person, haven’t experienced sex yet and don’t know what they’re missing, or that they just aren’t sure of their orientation.


This term applies to those who are still exploring their sexuality, or are unsure of the label they fit into. It can also be used by those who do not wish to fit into an orientation or identity.

There is no know controversy over the topic because it is not an actual orientation, but an identity people take on while searching for what to identify as.



There are a lot of orientation/identities. You may not have known all of the ones listed above. Or maybe you did. The funny thing is: that’s not even all of them. What I don’t get is why anyone questions the legitimacy of any of them. Why would people identify as something that will only bring them discrimination? Even if you want to call it “just a phase” it’s still what that person identifies as. That’s something you need to respect. Just because you don’t understand it, or you don’t know what it is, doesn’t mean it isn’t real. If someone told you that they follow the Baha’i faith, would you instantly disregard it as a made up religion? If you did, you’re wrong. It’s a real religion, small, but real. Just like there is no “one, true religion” there is no one, true orientation.

Whatever your sexual orientation/identity you are, that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with it. I don’t need to know what you identify as to tell you that its okay because every orientation is okay. Every orientation is beautiful. Every orientation is normal. You are beautiful and you are normal.


5 thoughts on “LGBTQIAP….?

  1. How amazingly concise, informative, and non-judgy.
    Thanks for this. I bet a lot of people will learn from it, and I really wish it was on Freshly Pressed.

  2. Thank you! I hope people do learn from it! Especially if they are trying to figure themselves out! )O(

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