Appreciate the Little Things [Part 5]

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I’m posting late tonight so lets get this show on the road.

  • “Fuck the Police.” No. Fuck you for thinking you’re better than everyone else. You’re really going to say that about the people who help keep this a safe place to live? If there were no police, you would probably get robbed everyday, people would be abducted, raped, and murdered, a whole more than they already are. Sorry to be so gruesome, but its true. Just because a cop pulled you over, of arrested you or whatever, doesn’t mean they are worthless pieces of crap. Yes, some of them are “bad cops,” or jerks, but most of them aren’t. You can’t hate them for enforcing the rules. This isn’t Kindergarten, grow up.
  • I hate when someone says they don’t like a band for a stupid reason. My inspiration for this comes from my brother. He told me that he didn’t like Keane (I think he actually said that they suck) because they don’t have a guitar. So? Tat just makes them different. Do you hate them because they are different? I’m not sure how many times I say this (probably a lot), but the music isn’t all about the sound. It’s about telling a story or getting a message across. Its a form of communication. The instruments and vocals just make it more pleasing for your ears. The only type of music that I don’t like because of the sound is screamo or that stuff that you cant even understand the words. It just sounds like someone is being brutally murdered. That’s not very pleasant.
  • Bikini tops. This one is for the girls because I’m pretty sure most of the guys will have the opposite opinion. Bikini tops are made for girls with small boobs. But guess what? Girls with big boobs, also want to wear bikini tops, without having to worry about their boobs falling out. Not cool. Plus, America is fat. Most people have big boobs now. And fake boobs don’t count because that shit doesn’t move anyway. I’m talking about natural boobs that are at least a C cup. There are no bikini tops made for these boobs.
  • The toilet paper roll. In a previous post, I talked about replacing to roll when you finish it. That inspired me to talk about how to replace it. When you pull the toilet paper, it should be coming from the top of the roll. If you have to scratch your nails against the wall to get a hold of the end, you’ve done it wrong. It’s not a complicated task, but more people than you know, do it wrong.
  • English vs. Metric System. Everyone in the world uses the Metric system. Except America. You can make you’re cute little comments about how we’re America and we have to be different. Stop. It’s annoying. All we do is make it difficult to communicate with people from other countries. I don’t know how many of my readers are American with friends in other countries (or are from a different country with American friends), but its irritating having to constantly translate the temperature, or inches to centimeters. You could always just learn the other system to avoid having to translate, but who wants to learn two measuring systems? I don’t. But I did. America needs to get it’s act together. Stop trying so hard to be different. While being different is perfectly fine, I encourage it, but sometimes America goes a little over board.

I just want to make it clear that I have absolutely nothing against America. It’s a wonderful place. It’s just a little too cocky sometimes.

Well, that’s it. It might be a while before we see part 6. I have one bullet left on my list. I’m out of ideas. I can’t be bothered by everything, after all. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to comment. Comment. Comment. Comment. Seriously, Comment. Anything that bothers you? Don’t lie. Something bothers you. Maybe my nagging for comments bothers you? Tell me about it. Comment. The button is right below this post. Go ahead. Comment.



2 thoughts on “Appreciate the Little Things [Part 5]

  1. sheerazgulsher says:

    Agreed! Cops are the safety net of society and Keane are a great group. How can anybody dislike Keane?!

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