Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

So, as you can see, I’ve decided to do this challenge. Here we go!

I’m just going to throw this out there. I’m not a sports fan. I don’t watch football games. I don’t keep up with Basketball or Hockey either. Why? Because I don’t care. To me, it’s just a bunch of fully clothed sweaty men running around a field. And in football’s case, just a bunch of people smashing into each other. To make it worse, they think it’s okay, because they are wearing a helmet.

Now, I have absolutely nothing against the people who play it, or the people who watch it. I do have a problem with the fans who become violent over it. And the people who can’t be friends during a particular season because they like different teams. That’s ridiculous.

I do enjoy playing a sport in a non-competitive way though. Playing a sport, and watching it, are two completely different things. Watching someone you know play a sport and watching a bunch of paid professionals that you don’t know through a television screen, are also two very different things.

I’m already off topic. I’m going to talk about social media’s effect on my opinion of the Olympics.

I used to like watching the Olympics. It’s more than just a bunch of sports. It’ s athletes competing to win medals for their country. It’s sports, but different.

This year however, I was already sick of hearing about it before it even started. In the two years since the last Winter Olympics, Social Media and Networking sites have really picked up. Twitter’s popularity exploded in the summer of 2010, after the last Olympics. With Twitter, and other social Networking sites being so popular during this years Olympic games, It seemed to be all you ever heard about. Not to mention it was the only thing on the news.

Real news seems to have become less important than sports and celebrity gossip in recent years. Now that we have this international athletic competition, real news is completely irrelevant. No one cares about the suicide bombings in Iraq, or the missing little girl in London. The only thing people want to hear about is who won a medal for being the best at their sport.

To me, finding that little girl is slightly more important than who won the gymnastics gold. Not that the first black gymnast to win the gold isn’t important as well. Congrats to Gabby Douglas. But we have no balance between what is truly news, and what is entertainment news.

I think the lack of balance and having the Olympic news shoved in my face by twitter, and other forms of social media, made the Olympics more of a burden rather than and enjoyable event. It turned out to be just as annoying as the Superbowl. I’m glad that it’s over and we can get back to our lives. Unfortunately, we have Shark week now. I don’t even know what that is and I’m already annoyed with it. People need to stop obsessing over these things. Educate yourselves about real things and obsess over that.



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