A Fun Trip To The Vet!

Recently, we noticed a few lumps on my dogs right side. So we took her to the vet to see if he could figure out if it was serious or not. He told us he couldn’t be sure until he removed them. So, that’s what happened today. We dropped her off at 8:30 this morning and she was not happy about it. The second she saw the cage she was going in, she wanted nothing to do with the mystery room that always smelled like other dogs.

Around 1 pm we got the call from the vet saying that the lumps were just fatty tumors and were completely harmless. He did, however, have to pull a tooth because it was broken and might cause infection.

So we went to pick her up at 6:30, after she had woken up. Now, anyone who knows my dog, knows that the sight of a person gets her all excited to the point where shes snorting and huffing and puffing. When we came through the door she stood up and pathetically wagged her tail. It was sad seeing her have to try so hard to be energetic, with such little result. She’s still moping around, not sure of what she wants to do. In fact, I’ve had to stop typing this blog many times to give her attention.

Anywho, she came home with three different medicines, and ended up costing a fortune. And now, she’s finally asleep.



3 thoughts on “A Fun Trip To The Vet!

  1. cameroncloud says:

    I’m so glad that’s she’s recovering and will start to feel better!!! :D

  2. Thank you! I’m glad too! But keeping her from jumping on the furniture and going upstairs is going to be difficult.

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