I Hate Hate Speech

Hate speech is any speech that is meant to hurt someone. Hate speech can also be unintentional. Saying, “That’s so gay!” counts as hate speech. You may not be trying to be hateful, and you may not even have a problem with gay people. But by replacing the word ‘stupid’, or ‘bad’, with the word ‘gay’, shows that you consider the words to be synonymous.

Hate speech can be about someone’s race, religion, sexuality, hair color, life style, hobbies, socioeconomic class, or so many other things. It’s one thing to disagree with someones choices, or to be prejudice. It’s a completely different, and unacceptable, thing to say hateful things to them. What’s the point of it? What do you gain? Nothing. Unless making someone feel bad about them selves, or feel uncomfortable being themselves, makes you feel good. Then, I guess you are getting something from it. But is it worth it to make someone else upset?

Your hate speech may not visibly hurt someone, but you don’t know how they really feel about it. Even if that person doesn’t seem to mind when you tease them, you don’t know how they feel inside. You don’t know how they feel when they go home at night.

We’re taught that words can’t hurt us and to let what people say roll off our back. But the truth is, words can hurt. Whether you realize it or not, the things you say do affect the people around you. Everything you say to someone, good or bad, stay with that person, especially if it means something to them.

Hate speech needs to stop. It’s the mean things people say that cause others to want to kill themselves. If you keep your hateful thoughts to yourself, they can’t hurt anyone. A majority of the teens that take their own lives, are victims of hate speech. Though a lot of them are victims of other hateful acts as well, hate speech was present.

The solution?

Educate people. Hate speech, obviously, comes from hate. But where does hate come from? Hate comes from fear, and fear comes from ignorance. We need to show people that there is nothing wrong with others differences. So many people are raised to hate because their parents, as well as their grandparents, were raised to hate because their parents didn’t know any better. It’s time for this cycle to end. All we have to do is teach 7 billion people to love, not hate.



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