One Week Left!

So, in one week from today, I will be moved into my dorm at college. It’s weird knowing that this is my last week at home. Knowing that I only have one week left with my pets. Any most importantly, one week left of privacy.

The sad thing is: I don’t even have everything I need yet. That’s stressful.

I was thinking today about how my brother is 19 (almost 20), has never lived away from home (except camp), and has absolutely no plan to move out or start living independently. Now, I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with that, but he always talks about how my parents rules are ridiculous and how hes responsible and what not. Honestly, I don’t think he’s mature enough to live on his own.

I’m going to stop there before I start ranting about how immature my brother is.

Does anyone else feel like this year has gone by way too fast? When I think back to January, it seems like a long time ago. But I’m still surprised when I realize that it’s August now. How fast is this next week going to fly by?

This weekend will be my last weekend at home for a while.

I’m moving out. Well, not really. But I am. For the next eight months, my permanent residence will be at school, not at home. That’s weird.

Sorry, I’m still getting used to this.

The good news is: I will surely have some new ideas for Appreciate The Little Things! And my Weekly Photo Challenges will have new inspiration!

I can’t have candles or incense in my dorm… How am I going to survive? Oh my goodness.

I’m actually really excited cause guess what? I won’t have to live in my brothers filth anymore. He’s truly disgusting.

Only one more week! Yay!

Sorry, this is just a collection of my thoughts about moving.



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