Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

I’m almost late! I don’t think I’ve ever posted my photo challenge this late. I think the latest I’ve been was Wednesday. Not that that is late or anything. I’ve been super busy this week. Not really. But for those of you who read my blog regularly, you know that my dog had a nice trip to the vet and can’t wait to go back. For anyone keeping up with this, she has her energy back, and it is making it very difficult to get her to lay down and stop licking her stitches. I know you’re supposed to put that horrible collar on her so she can’t reach the stitches, but that’s just about animal abuse.

THIS IS WRONG. Only horrible people actually make their dogs wear these. I would much rather sit home with her all day and watch her non stop to make sure she doesn’t bite at her stitches. I would be afraid to leave her alone with that thing on anyway. She’d probably knock everything over and get herself stuck in some place that she doesn’t fit. It’s not worth it. Plus, that thing is the least fashionable thing I have ever seen.

By the way, that dark thing in the window behind her is my cat hiding behind the curtain.

Oh! And sorry it’s a crappy picture, she wouldn’t hold still and I wanted to get that thing off her ASAP!



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