Quotes: Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.”

~Suzanne Somers

Let’s be honest, I’ve said this before. Grudges are pointless. So is revenge. Cliché alert! An eye for an eye leaves the world blind. We’ve all heard this before. A very famous quote that has been way over used.

Back on topic.  When you hold grudges, you hold anger. That  will stress you out more than anything else. I’m sure we all know why stress is bad.

Okay, I keep getting distracted by this giant moth that just appeared in my room. It’s flying in circles and looks ridiculous. I can’t tell which is more entertaining: Watching the moth fly around like a crazy lunatic, or watching my cat try to catch it. Oh, she caught it. She’s eating it. Yum. Aw, she dropped it. It’s still jumping around on the ground. I guess she just got its wing. Gross. She followed it into the hall. Bye bye!

Okay, back to forgiveness. Is it really worth it to hate someone for anything? Even if they did something horrible. As long as you hold that hatred for them, you will be constantly stressing yourself out. The best thing you can do, for yourself, like a gift you give yourself, is to forgive them for whatever they did. It’s not worth it.

Oh my gosh. My cat is adorable. Ew! She’s chewing it! Gross! She’s licking her lips. That’s just disgusting. Guess who doesn’t want any kitty kisses tonight? Me!

Forgiveness! I forgive my cat for killing and eating that moth. And I hope that moths family, if it had one, will forgive my cat for killing and eating their loved one. See! I’m not mad at my cat! And look how happy I am now! Okay, you can’t see me but take my word for it.



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