My Last Day At Home!

So it is here. I’m leaving tomorrow morning. I’m not even completely packed yet… I started packing though. Then I saw my computer and thought I better check Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/YouTube/two e-mails accounts.

I actually really enjoy packing. Weird, I know. I just get distracted way too easily. Plus, I wanted to post one last blog from home.

I’m really excited to meet my roommate. We’ve talked on the phone and online a few times. Well, whatever, we will meet tomorrow! Let’s avoid using ‘W’s…

Moving on, I still have quite a bit of packing to do, but the majority of it is done. Packing bathroom things always stresses me out. I’m afraid I’m going to forget something so I want to pack it as I think of it, but then I end up needing it and have to unpack it. STRESS.

I’m having a “last meal” as my family calls it. When we were younger and went to sleep away camp we always had out last dinner of good food before we were stuck eating camp food for the next month. So, tonight is my last meal. We tried to plan it so my grandfathers girlfriend was busy and couldn’t come. I know it sounds mean but her stories are so ridiculous. She over exaggerates more than a little girl. And things she says, don’t match up with other things she says. Not to mention how controlling she is.

Anywho, it ended up that our plan didn’t work. Usually on Wednesdays she has some card game night or something, but I guess we left too much time and she was able to find a replacement. Bummer. Now I have to listen to her crazy stories  about how she’s a doctor and all this other crap. She’s a secretary in an ophthalmologist’s office. At my graduation dinner we had to hear about how she had been waiting on an eyeball to be shipped from some other country and how they lost it. She went on and on about how someone lost her eyeball and how she was going to have to tell her patient that she couldn’t do the surgery yet.
That’s not exactly the most pleasant topic for a dinner table. I don’t want to hear about replacement eye surgery. I don’t even like thinking about that thing that blows air in your eye when you go for a check up. Next time you eat dinner at a restaurant, picture an eyeball floating in a jar on a plane. Gross. Sorry, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to think about that next time you go to dinner. Think about rainbows and unicorns instead.

Anywho, I need to finish packing! Stop distracting me!

My next post will be from my dorm room! How exciting! Well, not for you, but it is for me!




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