Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

I know I’m late! I’m terribly sorry. I don’t think anyone really cares but if you do, I’m sorry.

After I moved in yesterday, I didn’t have internet connection. I was told I have to go to the IT desk. I didn’t have time yesterday because of numerous problems that I will discuss in a different post. I’ll probably link it. Anywho, I did that earlier today and it took almost two hours of waiting in line and about 20 minutes of actually having them set it up. Ridiculous! And I ended up missing a mandatory meeting. Hopefully nothing terrible will happen. But I felt bad for the It guys who had to help over a thousand people update their computer and setup their internet.

Anyway, here is my picture for this (last) week.

My side is on the right and covered with blue.

I chose this picture because it shows two people merging their lives together. I had never met her before and all of a sudden were living next to each other and sleeping in the same room. Although our belongings aren’t necessarily merging, our lives are. I can’t really show that in a picture though. So this is what you get. Deal with it.



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