Prank Calls

Everyone makes the typical prank call to the local Chinese restaurant, or other similar business, at some point in their life. I never did. I did call a random number once, well multiple times in a row…

Recently, a group of friends and I called a guy that we [kind of] know. We first met him on our school’s Facebook page where he was messaging girls, trying to get them to meet up with him before school started. Creepy, right? Anyway, when school started, we ran into him. First of all, not attractive. Second, creepier than we thought. Third, still not attractive. Fourth, incredibly douche-y. By douche-y I mean he’s a cocky asshole that think every girl wants him. You all know what kind of guy I’m talking about because one just popped into your head.

Back to the story. So this guy had been calling and texting one of the girls that I hang out with. She was making it pretty obvious that she didn’t have any interest in him, but he just didn’t get it. Eventually, he gives up on bothering her. Next thing we know, he’s calling another girl in our little group. She never gave him her number, he stole it off of Facebook. Keep this in mind, I’ll be coming back to it later.

Anywho, we decide to block the first girls number and prank call him. So we call and tell him our name is Sam Sprinkle. Sounds legitimate, right? Eventually, he says he can hear us laughing in the background an he knows its a joke. We give up and move on.

We happened to be watching Aladdin at the time. When it got to the song “A Whole New World”, we called him back and let the song play for him over the phone. We expected him to hang up since not five minutes ago he told us he new it was a prank call. But he didn’t. He sat through the whole song. Then we talked to him again. This time a different person, using a completely different accent was talking to him. He still believed it was Sam Sprinkle, from his English class.

This third girl, that was now talking to him, told her she was a gay guy who was interested in him and wanted to get together. Obviously, this guy told us that he was sure he wasn’t gay, but would be willing to hang out. So we gave him a fake room number, which turned out to be a non-existent room. He said he would come over in a few minutes. So we hang up and rush over to my room, where we will be able to see him walk passed our building, to the other dorm building, out the window.

After a few minutes, we see him come out of his building and start walking down the sidewalk. We call him back and tell him to stop. He does. We tell him to sit on the bench. We tell him to cross his legs. He argues, but he does it. We tell him that he can come over now. He hangs up and continues walking.

We call him back just before he gets to the other dorm building. We tell him to do a little turn around thing. He does it. We hang up and he goes into the dorm building. At our school, you have to be signed in by someone if you go into a building other than your own. So we figure he won’t get very far and he should be coming back out any second. It takes him about five minutes to come back out of the building. We watch him come out and walk back to his own building.

We decide to go over to that building to hang out. We do that pretty often so it wasn’t suspicious to anyone there. So we see him standing in the lobby with a few other people. We go over to talk to all of them. The guy starts telling the story of what just happened. He has no idea it was us that prank called him and he thinks Sam Sprinkle is real. So we ask him why he did everything she (he thinks Sam is a girl, even though we told him it was a gay guy… What a smart cookie) told him to. He said he didn’t know, he just did. We ask him what happened when he went in to other dorm. He said that the girl at the desk asked him who he was with and he told her that he was supposed to meet someone in their room, 137. She tells him that room doesn’t exist. So he leaves and goes back to his dorm. We ask him why he was just going to go meet this person that he didn’t even know. He claims he knows her, shes in his English class, he’s just never talked to her. Obviously, we made up this completely ludicrous name and none of us are in his English class.

We decide we need to tell him, flat out, that it was us and it was a prank call, before he walks into his English class and asks some random girl if she’s Sam Sprinkle. So we tell him. He says he’s never talking to us again, then stomps off to his room. The other girls in the lobby thank us for getting rid of him. I know it sounds mean but we did what everyone else wanted to do. It was one of those situations.

Later, he calls the first girl and accuses her of giving his number to Sam. Sam doesn’t exist. Why doesn’t he understand? SO he comes back to the lobby, where a bunch of people are sitting around talking. He points to two people in the lobby and asks which of them gave out his number because they are the only ones in the room that have it. Did he forget that he called the other girl, whose number he took off of Facebook? Both people tell him that they didn’t give out his number. Which is true because we just blocked the number we were calling him from. Technically, no one gave out his number. But he insists that one of them gave out his number because they are the only ones that have it. We hint to him that someone else in the room has his number. And by hint I mean we told him, someone else in the room has your number. At this point, the girl whose number he  got from Facebook introduces herself, “Hi, you called me three times earlier.”

How creepy is it that he called her three times but he didn’t even recognize her right in front of him. Pretty damn creepy.

I’m still unclear on whether he thinks Sam Sprinkle is real or not. Either way, I hope he never happens upon my number.

I know what we did was sort of mean but it was all in fun and no one [really] got hurt. We were all able to laugh about it later.

I’m not sure I’ve heard a prank call story that tops this. And by that I mean, tell me a story. Commenting if fun and free. FREE. So get on that.

Also, I don’t feel like proof reading this so sorry for any mistakes.



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