Live Blog: The Voice-Season 3 Premiere


If you haven’t watched the first 3 nights of the show then I would suggest watching them here!

Here we go!


Night One!

  • It’s starting!
  • Adam!
  • Ew, get that bitch off the screen…


  • Oh! Pretty accent!
  • Teenage Wasteland!
  • Come on Adam! He’s your style!
  • Pick Adam!
  • Why on Earth would you pick Blake?
  • Is that a bird on Cee lo’s shoulder?
  • It’s a bird… a fucking bird…


  • She looks very pink…That was good!
  • I like her attitude!
  • She’s like Ellen! go dem mooOoOoOoOoves like Ellen!
  • deh-bor-ah?
  • I like her! shes entertaining!
  • Please pick Cee lo…
  • WHAT THE FUCK! That’s not what I told you to do…
  • Oh. My. God! Adam and Blake bromance is coming!
  • Fucking Commercials…
  • Yay! It’s back!


  • She’s going to yoddle? …interesting…
  • Oooh! She’s good!
  • Adam! Yay!
  • Blake’s a copy-cat!
  • That was good!
  • Adam! You’re so perfect!
  • Oh! Adam! Do that with your eyebrows again!
  • She’s gunna pick Blake…
  • Yup…
  • Where is the bromance?!
  • There it is! He’s chasing Blake! So cute!


  • He has pretty eyes!
  • Oh my… I’m going to cry…
  • No! You can’t cry!… Now I’m doomed…
  • Me likey!
  • Cee lo?
  • Oooh! Adam! Please keep dancing!
  • Noo! No one turned around!
  • He’s sixteen… I’m so unaccomplished…
  • Adam’s sympathy face… mmmmm


  • She’s pretty
  • Risky, risky…
  • I don’t feel anything special… just not feelin’ it!
  • Blake only pushes his button when Adam does…
  • She’ll pick Christina… obviously…
  • Bam! Who was right?
  • One Direction? Really?


  • Nice hat
  • oooh!
  • Come on Adam!
  • There you go!
  • Please pick Adam!
  • Aw! His Daddy is crying!
  • Adam, Y U SO CUTE?!
  • Pick!
  • Ahh!
  • Adam! He Chose Adam! Yay!


  • Daniel is back!
  • Oh my gosh! I loved him! he’s so sweet!
  • I want his owl pin!
  • Fucking really? a commercial? I was in the middle of fan-girling…
  • I’m so excited!
  • Will they recognize him?
  • Do it adam!
  • My pen is running out of ink! oh no!
  • Now Blake is copying Cee lo!
  • Adam! ADAM!
  • Aw! Adam ran to him for a hug!
  • OMG! So adorbs!
  • Tears of joy! Tears of Joy!
  • His giant blue watch is awesome!
  • Cee lo!!
  • I want to play in those chairs!


  • Why am I crying?
  • This girl is so touching!
  • Adam is dancing again!
  • Yes! Adam! Do it!
  • NOO! I liked her!
  • I like this better! Chills!
  • Aww :'(


  • Oh! Surprise invites?!
  • He has pretty eyes!
  • Yes! Adam!
  • This guy is good!
  • Blake… fo real?
  • No bitch! don’t you dare!
  • Pick Adam! Please!
  • Blake is so desperate…
  • Adam is so cute!


  • Pretty Flowers!
  • Oh!  A Newbie!
  • “Saaaangger” haha her accent is cute
  • She’s good
  • Sounds like Christina’s style…
  • Do it Christina!
  • Oh? Adam?
  • Someone just do it!
  • Aw :(
  • Bahahaha Cee lo!
  • Oh my god, Christina! Do you want to cover you ass?


  • Trevin?
  • What kind of ratchet ass teacher tells their student they won’t be anybody?
  • Oh! Smooth!
  • Christina!
  • Cee lo? Please?
  • Blake…
  • Yay! Cee lo!
  • Adam knows he can’t do anything with this guy…
  • Chill Blake… damn
  • eighteen?!?! damn!
  • Pick Cee lo! Please!
  • YES! CEE LO!
  • What the hell is with the bird?
  • Where is Purrfect? :(

Night Two


  • Why does everyone have such a tragic story?
  • That was fast…
  • Adam is dancing :)
  • Ugh.. Christina…
  • and Blake…
  • I wish Adam would beg me!
  • Psh! He wouldn’t have time to beg me…
  • Why would you pick Christina…?


  • interesting…
  • Blake.. haha.. country…
  • hahahaha country swagger… Cee lo..


  • I like his voice
  • Damn! Adam and Christina at the same time!
  • He’s so relaxed! I aprrove
  • When did Cee lo turn around?
  • Okay, Adam missed it too… We’re practically twins…
  • Damn Christina! Put your boobs away!
  • He’s going to pick Cee lo…
  • Damn Commercial…
  • Oh! Adam’s Song!
  • He picked Christina?! Dafuq?


  • Oh! Not what I expected him to sound like…
  • He sounds like Jason Michael Carroll..
  • Aww.. no one turned around :(


  • Here comes the sad music….
  • I want to hear his voice!
  • He has a strange voice… I like it.
  • Someone turn around!
  • Cee lo! Yay!


  • HAHA Blake would turn around.
  • Hes fun but I don’t hear anything special…
  • and Cee lo… of course…
  • Why Blake?

Night Three


  • A white reggae boy?
  • Adam!
  • Cee lo!
  • Christina….
  • I like his voice!
  • Oh my god… Cee lo’s hands…
  • Team Adam for the win!
  • Why are Adam and Christina being so nice to each other?


  • Pretty scarf!
  • He likes MJ! I like him already!
  • He was in Dream Street?!
  • I don’t like him that much
  • He seems nervous
  • aww :(

Nelly’s Echo

  • That’s a pretty color shirt!
  • I kinda like it
  • Christina…
  • Adam!
  • I’m ready for the bickering!
  • mmmmm Adam’s falsetto
  • You’re too good for Christina!

2 Steel Girls

  • I think they’re going to make it
  • haha Blake! you ain’t got nothin!
  • Adam’s face when he hear two haha
  • Yeah! Cee lo!
  • … and Blake… of course…
  • Nice honesty Adam
  • Of course blake… country singers…


  • She seems kind of annoying
  • “In China… I’m like.. Lady Gaga”
  • What a slut…
  • She’s so cocky…
  • I guess Cee lo…
  • Well, he was the first to turn around…
  • What a slut…
  • Excuse me, this is The Voice, not PlayBoy…
  • Shes annoying and egocentric…
  • I love Cee lo but every girl that I hate ends up on his team…


  • I love this song!
  • Adam! Let’s go!
  • Yes! Thank you Adam!
  • Oh, everyone else just turned around…
  • Adam was da first doe
  • Christina! Boobs! Put them away!
  • Please pick Adam!
  • I will love you fiveever!
  • Blake is so desperate… So is Christina…
  • YESS! Adam!

The End

I think you can tell from this which coaches I like and which ones I don’t..

I will probably continue to live blog the season by week. So get ready!



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