Removing God from Schools and the Events in Connecticut

As I am sure most of you have  heard already, there was a horrible shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut this morning. We all know how sad this is and that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

Watching the news, someone, as expected, asked, “How can God let something like this happen?” I have no problem with this. That’s their religion, and that’s fine. Then, either the guy he was talking to or the same guy mentioned that it happened because we have systematically removed God from the school system.

No, Sir. We have not removed God from the school system. We have removed the prayer to God from the public school system. You may say that’s the same thing. It’s not. Students are free to pray to their God as many times as they would like during the school day. Public schools still close during the Christian Holidays. Although teachers, coaches, principals, and other faculty cannot lead students in prayer, does not mean that God has been removed from schools.

Believe it or not, keeping school-led prayer out of the public school system is also keeping some bullying out. Before Prayer was removed, non-Christian students were allowed to leave the room if they did not want to participate in the Prayer. This, for obvious reasons, singled out non-christian students, and made them targets for bullying.

On the topic of holidays, public schools close for all major Christian holidays. Unfortunately, students of other religions are still required to attend school during their religion’s holidays. Some may argue that schools will excuse students from school during their holiday. But, these students wold still miss important lessons, and have make-up assignments.

In the end, not having prayer in school just makes it easier for every to get a good education. And to say that this horrible incident was caused by removing prayer from schools makes me sick.

Back to the tragedy in Connecticut. It is heart breaking, as many news reporters have said today. I think everyone will keep these families in their thoughts over the next few weeks and especially over the holidays. I’d like to remind everyone though, to keep the survivors and their families in their thoughts as well. Although those kids made it out alive, and their parents are grateful for that, they have lost friends and community members. Not to mention, the parents of the survivors have to explain to their young children what happened at school today. How you explain to a small child something that we, as adults don’t even understand, is beyond me.



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