Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture (Apr. 26)


A Museum of Sex. Sex seems to be a pretty prominent value in American Culture. Try to watch any movie or television show without having sex mentioned. Even kids shows. We’ve all heard about Disney putting sexual themes and innuendos in their movies, after all, parents need to find some enjoyment in kids shows. But why does it have to be sex? Don’t Americans ever get tired of the same old jokes? Some of my favorite comedians have completely clean humor. I find it more entertaining when comedians can make people laugh just by talking about something simple. Ellen DeGeneres, for example, had me rolling (no pun intended) while talking about toilet paper rolls. Trying to open a new roll can some times be more frustrating than when the roll is on backwards. (see my series ‘Appreciate the Little Things’) (Yes, I just plugged myself). The only thing ‘dirty’ about that was bathroom humor.

I guess my point is that not everything has to be so sexual all the time. I don’t understand why so many people are obsessed with sex. When you think about it, its really kind of gross, isn’t it?




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