Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (Apr. 19)


Look up! The stars are incredible. And incredibly difficult to take a picture of. But for my first attempt, I’d say this was pretty good. At my house, I can see so many stars. At school, not so much. There’s so much light pollution. I had actually forgotten how much you could see at my house while I was at school, that I was amazed all over again when I came home.

If you can’t see the stars, you need to get away from the city or town or whatever that is polluting your view. Seriously. I can see so much more than this picture shows. Most people can’t even see what’s in this picture. Everyone should experience the stars as much as they can. It will really put you in your place. It makes you realize that there is so much more out there than what we have here on Earth. It really makes you feel small.

Go out and look up!



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