Appreciate the Little Things [Part 7]

It’s been a while! I think that’s how I started the last one of these. Oh well.

Parts 1-6!


  • Collecting Gays. Seeing as it is Pride right now (yesterday was Capitol Pride and I believe today is LA Pride), I feel this is appropriate. Anywho, does it bother anyone else when people want to be friends with a person simply so they can say they have gay friends? Maybe they think it will make them seem more loving or open to different types of people? I don’t really get it. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard someone ask how to meet and befriend a gay person. Like, really? They’re people, not collectibles. If you want to get to know a gay person or learn about gay-related things, then join a GSA or similar group to show your support for the community.
  • .GIF argument. It’s most popular on tumblr but has been found other places. Some people pronounce it gif. Some people pronounce it jif. it doesn’t really matter. The creator has said the proper pronunciation is jif, but why does it matter? You know what the person is talking about even if they don’t pronounce it like you do. I know I’m one for proper pronunciation of words but, think about it, the letter G can be pronounced two different ways. Don’t believe me? think about how you say the words “Gift” and “Giraffe.” See how its different? So who really cares which way you say .GIF?
  • “Made you flinch!” Really? Do you expect me to not flinch as your fist is moving at excessive speeds toward my face? I don’t think so. The fact that I did flinch shows that my brain is functioning properly. If I didn’t flinch I might be concerned.
  • Facebook game requests. People play all kinds of different games on facebook. I play some of them myself. However, I don’t play all of the ones that you do. Stop sending me requests for games that I don’t play! But how am I supposed to know what games you don’t play? Well, there are a few ways to know. Let me clue you in. First of all, if I haven’t responded to your last fifty requests, chances are that I don’t want to play the damn game. Second, most games have a nifty little option on the screen that asks you to select friends to send requests to. This particular option allows you to filter your friends list to show you only the friends who play that game. They’re the only ones that are going to send you coins or whatever so how about you stop nagging the rest of us?
  • Coughing without covering your mouth. Seriously? Okay, you’re sick, I’m sorry, that sucks. BUT I DON’T WANT IT. Don’t spread your germs. Do you realize that when you sneeze, tiny balls of snot fly out of your nose and land on everything around you? When you cough, spit flies everywhere. Cover your shit. This is one instance where sharing is not the best option.


Okay, rant over! I hope you enjoyed reading my sass. I have a pretty long list at the moment so more will be coming soon!



One thought on “Appreciate the Little Things [Part 7]

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