Belgium is Killing Children?

No, no, no! Not at all! Belgium Parliament is, however, currently deciding on a bill that would allow children to have the right to be euthanized. Euthanasia is already legal for citizens 18 or older in Belgium.  But because of the rise in Autism, which is being seen in many other countries as well, and we know to be caused by bio pesticides and certain vaccinations, Belgium doesn’t know what to do with all of the autistic children other than kill them. So, the bill, if passed, would extend the right to consent to Euthanasia to Children under 18. This means that any five-year-old could decide, without parental consent, whether or not they want to be euthanized. Of course, the child would need to have a reason to be Euthanized.

The article that I first read on this topic did say that a doctor would have to decide if the child was capable of making such a decision. How many four- to five-year-olds do you know that fully understand what it means to die. Do they understand that it’s permanent and cant be undone? Does anyone think that a small child would fully understand the decision that they are about to make, if they were in this situation?

I don’t think so. But I used the example of a small child for a reason. Older children, say ten or fifteen, could probably make a better decision. They probably have the capability to weigh their options more effectively. Maybe not every ten-year-old, but I’m sure some could.

The bill also proposes that Alzheimer’s patients could be Euthanized. Although I’m not sure why this is even a part of the new bill consider most Alzheimer’s patients are over the age of 18 and can already be Euthanized.

Anywho, this seems to be an interesting question at the moment. Should Euthanasia be extended to children? Should Euthanasia be an available option to anyone? Or maybe just to the ill? Or maybe just certain illnesses? Is Euthanasia just a way for the government to get rid of people it doesn’t want to pay for? Or is it a way for sick people to avoid pain and suffering? What do you think?

Read the Article! Comment below! Tell me what you think!



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