A Disney World Rape

This is something that caught my attention on Facebook.

Basically, a young, college-aged woman, who was participating in the Disney College Program was raped by a co-worker at Disney World. For those of you who don’t know, the Disney College Program allows college students to take a semester (or more) off from their regular studies and work in Disney while taking some classes provided by Disney. There are tons and tons of students there every year. Anyway, This girl was raped by another student in the program. She decided to talk to the counselor about it when her co-worker was unwilling to discuss it. The counselor found out that the two had been drinking and immediately turned on the the girl and blamed her for not fighting back enough and told her not to hang around with boys at night.

So after a while longer she called her parents and told them what happened and they told her to report it to Disney. The girl could not find a person that would talk to her on the matter and got continuously forwarded to another person until she gave up. Eventually she did find the correct person to report it to. However, in her appointment, this new person blamed her for the rape, just as the counselor had. She was told that there would still be an investigation so she packed her bags and went home.

She later received a letter saying that her complaint about the counselor would be noted in the file. She called the Employee relations office for a follow up on the investigation. She was told that the case was closed and that no information on the actions could be released. She next called another co-worker asking if they had seen her rapist around the parks. The friends told her that he was there and that he was fine.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Just realize that Disney World has allowed a reported rapist to work with your children. That doesn’t sound like such a good idea. If any of my readers are planning  a trip to Disney World this summer, please be careful and travel in pairs! If you have children, keep them close!

Read the Article here!



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