Happy Anti-Bigot Day!

Today is Anti-Bigot Day!

Are you part of a minority? You probably are. Most people are part of at least one minority, if not two or three.

If you’re thinking, “How are most people part of a minority?” Let me explain:

A minority is defined as a member of society who has less access to the resources of the society because of their status within the society. Simply, someone who is commonly discriminated against. In America, this includes, women, black, gays, Jews, Muslims, Latinos/Latinas, mentally or physically disabled people, etc. Also included is anyone you can think of who has ever been denied a job, housing, equal pay, rights, etc. because of their race, gender, ethnicity, or religion.

now that we have that cleared up, let’s move on.

If you are part of a minority, chances are that you have been discriminated against. Let me explain the difference between discrimination and prejudice. Discrimination is the harmful treatment of an individual based on their status. Prejudice is an irrational negative attitude toward an individual based on their status. More simply, discrimination is an action. Prejudice is an attitude.

So, the fact that women in America get paid, what is it? 77 cents for every dollar a man would make, is discrimination because the woman is doing the same job as a man, but not getting paid as much. The idea that women can not work as well, which is the thought behind getting paid less, is prejudice. See the difference?

The mind set that all Muslims are terrorists is prejudice. Not hiring someone because they are Muslim is discrimination.

Okay, so for anti-bigot day, I say we all try to learn something about a minority that we don’t know much about. Even if you don’t think you are prejudice toward that group, try to learn something about them. If it’s Muslims, look up the basic beliefs of Islam. You might just learn that Islam is a peaceful religion and terrorists, who claim to be Muslim, aren’t.

You don’t have to learn about the ones I’ve mentioned. There are so many more. Look up smaller religions around the world. Maybe learn about Wicca and clear their names as well.

If you aren’t interested in religions, Maybe look up LGBT culture. There’s more than just L, G, B, and T. The full acronym is LGBTQQIAAP. If you didn’t know that, start there!

If you hate all the immigrants from Mexico, look up what life is like in Mexico and the countries south of Mexico where a lot of our immigration comes from. Maybe that will help you better understand the people that risk everything to come the America illegally.

If you are not from America, I’m sure you know who the minorities are in your area, look them up!

And now that I’m done preaching sociology to you all, have a great Anti-Bigot Day!



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