Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

I don’t do these very often, but sometimes I decide I have something to say.

This week’s challenge was about e-mail. As a 90’s kid, I didn’t ever have to write letters, or make phone calls. E-mail was just about always there for me. At summer camp though, I did have to write letters home since we weren’t allowed to have computers or phones. Many of the other campers would sneak phones in anyway, but unlike most teenagers, I can live a few weeks without a phone or computer. After all, when I go on vacation, it’s to get away from technology.

Anywho, the challenge was to discuss our opinions on e-mail salutations. Now that we’ve established that I am of the e-mail generation, I will finally get around to my opinions.

When I start an email conversation, I generally begin with ‘Hello” and end with ‘hope to hear from you soon’ or ‘thanks’ depending on the content of the e-mail.

After I have received a reply, I allow it to become less formal and skip the salutations, but some times keep the ‘thanks’ at the end. It really just depends.

As for starting a message with ‘dear,’ I feel that that is much more personal and rarely use it. When I do use it, it is only for a very close friend. I would never start an e-mail to a professor with ‘Dear.’ That just seems so awkward.

I think most people my age would probably do the same as me, if they use any salutation at all. It’s interesting to see what different age groups do. What do you do? Comment below! Don’t be shy!



I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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