Happy Sundae Sunday!

Today is Sundae Sunday!

Now, this holiday is not always on the 21st of July, but on the third Sunday of July instead. This year though, it is special because today is also National Ice Cream Day, and National Junk Food Day! It’s also Legal Drinking Age Day. So, if you’re 21 or older, maybe you’ll have a special drink with your Sundae!

To celebrate this wonderful day, make yourself a sundae with your favorite ice cream and your favorite junk food! Go crazy! If you’re on a diet, well, one day can’t hurt! Besides, its TWO national holidays. Be patriotic, cheat on your diet, make the biggest, craziest sundae you can, and enjoy!

See how creative you can get with it! Add candies or fruits, syrups, sprinkles.. Let your imagination go wild!

Be careful not to get a stomach ache. That’s no way to spend a national holiday…



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