Full Moon Challenge: July 22, 2013

Blessing Moon, Thunder Moon. July 22, 2013, 2:16 pm.


Thunder Moon. What a perfect name…

If you have been following this challenge, you’ll notice that there doesn’t seem to be a cloud in the sky during the last six full moons. Well, fo this thunder moon, what kind of weather did we get? A thunderstorm. I had to stay up waaaay passed my bedtime to get a clear picture of the moon. Those foggy, unclear pictures just aren’t enough for my fabulous readers!

On June’s full moon, I set a goal to complete whatever challenge I decided to do for July. Well, aside from forgetting that it was July for the first few days, I’ve kept up with it! I’ve even had two posts in a day a couple times, like today. Although July isn’t over, so far so good! I am leaving next Monday for a two week vacation, I haven’t decided if I am going to queue the last two posts or just hope that I will have time and internet to post them manually. We will see. But I do plan to blog at least a few times during my vacation.

Since the last full  moon, I have continued with my Italian lessons. I will have a 65 day streak after my lesson today! I haven’t been able to visit my great aunt very much since we found out that our dog has mange. We were told that we can’t get the mange from our dog, but we can carry it and infect other dogs. Since my great aunt has a dog, we’ve kept our distance. We are all looking forward to our cruise. We’ve even added a few extra days to spend at Disney World! My favorite place! I can’t wait to see the new addition to fantasyland in Magic Kingdom, and Harry Potter world at Universal!We have also been looking at phones. We’re finally joining the 21st century and getting smartphones. I will no longer be the only one in my group of friends without a smartphone! How exciting!

The next full moon falls just under a week before I move back to school and start classes. As of yesterday, I have ordered and received all of my textbooks for the semester! My goal will be to enjoy my vacation and the last month of summer. It went by so quickly. I feel like a just got home! But I am looking forward to seeing my friends.




One thought on “Full Moon Challenge: July 22, 2013

  1. lilyjoytus says:

    Reblogged this on lilyjoytus's Blog View from the Other Side of the River and commented:
    thank you for sharing this. was it just me or did it seem to others that the full moon seemed more powerful and mesmerizing than ever?

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