Happy Gorgeous Grandma Day!

Today is Gorgeous Grandma Day!

Give her a call, or go visit!

Today is a day for any woman over sixty who:

  • Believes she has her whole life ahead of her
  • Wants to make the most out of every day
  • Wants to thrive, not just survive
  • Cares for her mind and body
  • Remains adaptable to life’s sweet and bittersweet moments
  • Cherishes herself as much as she cherishes her loved ones
  • Is open to learning new ideas
  • Loves life and lets everyone know it

But I think its more than that. I think its about showing your grandma that you love her just as much as she has always loved you!

I remember something that my high school band director said during a practice in my junior year when one of the other members’ Grandma came to visit him. My director stopped practice so they boy could talk to his grandma for a few minutes. When everyone was back together, he said to always hug your Grandma ’cause you never know how much longer you have with her.

That was maybe a month after I had lost mine. She had spent the last four or so months going between hospitals and nursing homes. We visited her everyday and brought her whatever she wanted for dinner. You know those hospital meals aren’t made with any love. We knew that we were seeing her for the last time when we left the hospital that night. She had told the nurse she was a nine. We all knew she was hardly a three. She was ready. We all went home and waited for the phone call. It came at 10:05 pm.

If you still have your grandma, give her a hug and tell her that you love her. Tell her that she’s beautiful. Because she is.


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