Happy Cousins Day!

July 24 is Cousins Day!

Some people like their cousins, some people don’t. Some people spend a lot of time with their cousins, others never see them. Which are you?

For me, I don’t mind my cousins. Maybe because I don’t know them very well. I only have two first cousins. One lives in South Carolina, the other in Arkansas. Both are a couple hour plane ride away.

So, for Cousins day, I thought I would explain how cousins work. Many people know that a certain cousin is their second cousin a couple times removed, but what does that mean, and how do you figure that out?

Step one. Who is the older cousin? Let’s say its your cousin Jimmy.

Step two. How many generations are between you? We’ll say there’s one generation.

Step three. How many generations do you have to go back, starting from Jimmy (the older cousin), to find where your trees intersect? Let’s say, for example, your grandfather was Jimmy’s Mom’s brother. This means that, starting from Jimmy, you went back one generation to find where your tree met his.

Step four. Jimmy is your first cousin, once removed.


The cousin part comes from the amount of generations between the older cousin and where your two trees meet. The removed comes from the amount of generations between cousins.

Here’s a picture:


It would be the same if you and Jimmy switched places (If Jimmy’s Grandfather was your Mom’s brother).

But what is your Grandchild’s relation to Jimmy? First cousin, three times removed.

cousins2Make sense? Good.

You an Jimmy’s child, Sean, would be second cousins (because there are two generations from the oldest cousin to the link) and zero times removed (because there is no generation gap). Your Grandchild and Sean are second cousins (two generations between Sean and the link) twice removed (two generations between Sean and your Grandchild).

Get it? Got it? Good.

If anyone is still confused, you can visit this site to learn more.

No matter what your cousin’s relation, give them a call and wish them a happy cousins day!



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