Daily Prompt: A to Z

This prompt was to write a story with the first sentence starting with ‘A’, and continuing.

So, here we go!

A little old lady lived alone in the woods. Before she was finished her breakfast, she head a scratch at the door. Cats cluttered her front walk. Don’t they have a home? Every single cat began walking toward the open door. Feeling sorry for them, she allowed them in. “Great. How am I going to take care of all these cats?” Inside, she put a bowl of milk down for them to drink. Just as she sat in her chair, she felt something soft rubbing against her leg. Kitten! Leaning down, she picked up the kitten and put it in her lap. Much more homey now, she decided to keep some of the cats, and give away the rest. Now that she had decided what to do with all the cats, she looked for a box to carry the cats in. Of course, she might need a few to carry all those cats. Perhaps, she should take multiple trips into town. Quietly, the cats followed her around the house. Remembering she wanted to keep some, she had to decide how many to keep. Suddenly, she saw two identical cats with bright blue eyes. Those are the two she would keep. Umbrellas began to fall from where they had been leaning on the wall. Very cutely, the kitten she had held earlier peeked it’s head from behind the remaining umbrellas. Well, she just had to keep the kitten too! Xerxes would be his name. Years later, the woman lived with her three cats, and saw the others from time to time. Zigzagging through the house, the cats were happy to have a home!

There’s my story! I hope you like cats!

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9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A to Z

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  2. Clever way of using the “x.” I used “zigzagging” for the “z” too!

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  6. What a fun writing exercise. Love how you handled it with your sweet cat story.

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  8. I do like cats very much. And so I loved this. Nice story and funny too, great work.

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