Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree (Aug 16)

I’ve gone back to look at my old photo challenges. I used to actually type more than a sentence. Let’s try that again!

Here’s my post for this week’s challenge.

The theme was “Carefree.” How many people nowadays can say that they are truly carefree? Most people have work or school to worry about. But there are small children who haven’t started school. You might say that they are carefree. After all, what concerns could they have? Compared to your concerns, theirs are so tiny that they don’t even matter, right? But if you look from a different perspective, to a child, everything seems big, so their worry about that fight they had with a friend over a cookie is huge. To us, we know that a fight over a cookie is nothing. And anyone who holds a grudge over a cookie, well, you probably don’t want to spend too much time with them anyway. But for children, that’s big.

Anywho, after saying all that, who is carefree? Anyone? Old people? No, they worry about their health, their children, and their grandchildren. They have plenty to worry about. So, who?


Well, I say pets. They are taken care of (most of the time), they have a place to sleep, and a place to eat. Their only worry is when you will be coming home to feed them and let them out. Other than that, their pretty carefree, as far as we know.




2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree (Aug 16)

  1. Lily Mugford says:

    Love the photo. So true, having a carefree attitude is difficult when we have stress. Maybe I am naive, but I try and take my days as they come. If I worry about what may be tomorrow, I would lose out on today’s.joy.

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