Full Moon Challenge: August 20, 2013

Sturgeon Moon, Corn Moon. August 20, 2013, 9:45 pm.

DSCN3116 DSCN3120

On July’s full moon, i set the goal of enjoying the rest of my summer. I think I pretty much handled that. My vacation was very enjoyable, although we all came home sick. But that’s alright! We had a good time!

Since the last moon, well, I went on vacation. That was fun. However, during vacation I ruined my 70 something day steak in Italian. Oh well, I decided a break would probably be a good idea, so I took some time off of that. I have started again though. We also got our new phones a few days ago. Its a cool new toy. I’ve also started packing for school. I move in on Sunday, so all I’ve been doing is packing for the last few days.  Fun Stuff.

For the Next full moon, my goal is going to be to start the new school year well. I’ll have four classes: Astronomy, art, sociology of the family, and sociology of religion. Should be a good year!



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