Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea (Aug. 30)

I know I’m very late with this but school comes first.


So I figured most people would post pictures from the beach, or of a wave or something similar so I decided to be different. Ships sail in the sea, so it’s still relevant!

While I was in the Bahamas, there were people that would harass us everyday to take their banana boat tours. They told us we could go passed the place where people swam with dolphins (we couldn’t actually swim with them because that cost a ridiculous amount of money), and we could see all the celebrity homes on the water, and last, we would bet to see, and climb on, the ship from The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. So that sounded pretty cool.

So on our last day there, we went on this tour. It was fun, they flipped our off the boat a few times and just riding on it was fun. So we saw the dolphins, and we saw the big homes, and last we got the the boat. It looked really small. At first I thought maybe they used some sort of special effects to make this tiny boat look bigger. Nope. I realized this boat didn’t even look the same. Not to mention it didn’t even have the right name painted on the side of it. So it was all a lie!

But the trip was still fun.

Oh, right, the picture. So this is the mast of the not-the-Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-ship. And Masts are on ships and ships go in the sea so it’s relevant.



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