Full Moon Challenge: November 17, 2013

Beaver Moon, Mourning Moon. November 17, 2013, 10:16 am.


okay, so I’m a little behind… what? 15 days behind isn’t that much… half a month? You mean I’m already half way to the next, and last full moon of the year? oh.. sorry.

So on the last full moon I set a goal of being mostly done with my papers. Well guess what? I did that. I also finished all of my homework for the rest of the semester. That’s why i didn’t post this after the full moon. Then I decided to actually relax on my thanksgiving break and actually not do a single thing. Sorry.

Since the last full moon, like I already said, I finished my all of my school work, and probably some other things… nothing really impressive… To be honest, after taking a week to do absolutely nothing, I don’t remember much of what I did do before that. Let’s see, we had Halloween, I organized, put together, and acted in a haunted house. That was fun. Yea, that’s really all I can remember.

The December full moon falls about a week after finals week, then I will be done with school for the year! Yay! Well, my goal is going to be to catch up on my photo challenges. I might not be able to do all of them by the next full moon, considering I’m already 12 behind.. Plus the two that will come out between now and the next full moon. And I’ll also set a goal of actually posting the next post within a few days of the moon.

Have a nice 15 days!



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