Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (Sept. 13)

It’s been a while!

Here is my photo of “Inside”


This photo was taken inside of the Dr. Seuss ride at Universal Studios. The ride stopped while we were at this part an I thought it looked cool, and I had nothing better to do.

So funny story. My senior year of High School on the band trip to Disney World, some friends and I were walking into Animal Kingdom and it started to rain. We wanted to see the animals and ride Everest, but it was raining. So, jokingly we cursed Zeus and Poseidon for making it rain and ruining our wonderful day. Eventually the rain cleared up and we were able to see the animals and ride the rides. Only one problem. Every ride we got on that day broke while we were either on it or next in line for it. Luckily it was our last day in Disney.

This pasted summer when I went with my family about half of the rides broke while I was in line or on it; including this one.

The moral of this story is NEVER curse the gods. They WILL seek revenge.



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